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Counselor’s Close – In the Heart of Colonial Williamsburg

You have found Counselor’s Close. We are a community of 51 homes, just a 10 minute walk from Merchants Square and William & Mary’s historic campus. The Close is incredible; it is like being in an old colonial town. A mix of townhomes, with just a few detached homes as anchors, we have our own park, mature trees, and well developed landscaping throughout. The neighborhood is a very friendly place to live. It is small enough that neighbors know one another and join together in community events. When you are in Williamsburg, take a drive through Counselor’s Close. Our community engages in a wide variety of events, activities, and initiatives throughout the year, including neighborhood clean-ups, community picnics, and book clubs. There is always something happening to bring neighbors together. We encourage active participation from all residents, as that involvement shapes the future of our neighborhood.

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